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Custom Wedding Invitations: My Process

Updated: Jul 30, 2021

Save-the-dates and invitations are some of the first parts of the wedding planning process, right after finding your date and venue. It is the first part of the planning process, and your stationery sets the tone for your big day. It is the first impression you give your guests. If this is where you are at in your journey, I am here for you! At Olympic Place Prints, I design custom wedding invitations that reflect who you are as a couple.

First of all, there are SO many options out there when it comes to invitations. There is a wide variety of semi-custom options out there that allow you to plug in your name, and order in bulk, without having a lot of say in the final design details. It may not reflect your style or vibe, and even further, it might not reflect what the actual day of your wedding will be like. AHHH. Trust me, you want to get this right!

The benefit of hiring a calligrapher (AKA me), is that we can work together to design something that is true to you. We can then collaborate to design the day-of details so that it all falls into one cohesive look and has the same style from beginning to end.

I wanted to make this post to sum up my process step by step, so that you understand exactly what to expect when you choose to work with me!



On my website, you can find an inquiry form (linked HERE). This is the initial step to get started with me. The form asks a few basic questions and upon submission. I will send you a stationery timeline PDF to get you started. I find it is handy to check off as you go along your wedding planing journey. I will also ask you a few follow up questions via email to get a better feel for what you and your fiancee are looking for (your budget, timeline etc). We will talk about my pricing in this first step so that we can be certain we are all on the same page!


Next, we will schedule a time to meet for an invitation design consultation over video or phone. This will allow us to get to know one another better, talk through some of the nitty gritty details, and gather enough information from you so that I can start working on mockups. We will talk about vibes, color palettes, other vendors, your location, florals, your backgrounds, how you met, and other details like this. After this step is complete, and I have your design idea mostly finalized, I will be able to send you a final quote for the project.



Ready to move on and get started printing? This is the step where I ask for your deposit to book. I require $100 deposit prior to beginning work on your mockups. I will send you 2-3 digital mockups for you to choose from. These will have a variety of options within your design preferences. Font options, ribbon options, paper types, calligraphy style, printing options, colors etc. You can even combine elements of each one, delete, add, request etc. This is the fun part! We will make revisions and finalize it together!


Once we have spell checked and finalized the design, I will send the invitation (or save-the-date) and all of its components to the printer. I partner with a trusted printer to ensure the final outcome looks professional, durable, and timeless. I do not do my printing in house, because I want this part to go smoothly. It takes 7-10 days to print



Every envelope I address is by hand. It is the only way to achieve the hand-made look for your guests and match the style of calligraphy to your invitation design. I always request as much time as possible to work on your envelopes. The sooner you have your finalized address list to me, the better.


Once I have your invitations in hand, I will assemble for you. This includes stacking your invitation and all of its elements with the proper etiquette, tying ribbon or twine, wrapping in vellum, applying the wax seal, and sealing each envelope (plus or minus what is applicable to your invite). Stamps are not included in my designs as a standard, but they can be added as part of your initial quote if you wish.


I send all of my invitation suites via insured mail so that it has a tracking number, and the safest/fastest route to you. This is worth the extra cost to not worry about them getting lost on their way to you. When they arrive, they will be packaged beautifully, and opening your OPP invites will be a truly memorable experience. I always include extra blank envelopes with invitations in your package in case you decide to add anyone to your guest list. I also always include some keepsakes for you, your photographer, and your wedding planner for beautiful photos and fun pieces for your album or memory box to look back on!

And now, it's time to send to your guests! SO EXCITING. To keep a cohesive look from beginning to end, we can start to work on day-of details like place cards, escort cards, seating chart, table numbers, signage and more! So fun...


I am inspired by each couple that I work with - their love story, their background, their relationship - to design and create stationery that is true to who they are. I am the stationer for you if you are looking for streamlined communication, and a tailored experience that reflects your style as a couple. I specialize in timeless invitation suites featuring my custom pointed-pen calligraphy style. This allows me to add beautiful handmade design that will reflect you as a couple, providing a one-of-a-kind stationery experience for you and your guests.

Interested in inquiring?

Reach out to me!



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