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5 Cute Ways to Keepsake Your Wedding

There are so many cute and creative ideas that surround your wedding day. Just look on Pinterest, and you'll be overwhelmed with the amount of details that go into your day. Place cards, seating charts, florals, your dress or tux... the list goes on and on. Many brides and grooms have told me that their wedding day just flies by, and it's hard to soak every detail in. That is why it is important to keepsake your wedding in ways that are special to you- so that you can remember the most important details of your day forever.

Here are some ways to keepsake your wedding that stood out to me!

1. Custom Heirloom Invitations

OK, obviously as a stationer I am going to put this as #1. This is the best way to memorialize your day. It will have every detail- the time of your ceremony, the location. It reflects the style and vibe of your day and is such a special and timeless keepsake.


P.S. Want to work with me as your calligrapher or design an invitation suite similar to this one? Click HERE.

2. Disposable Cameras on Each Table

We did this at our wedding and it turned out to be the best keepsake idea ever. We put one disposable camera on each table and told our guests to use them. Well, they did. Especially after the drinks were flowing. And let me tell you, picking up those photos after they were developed was the best thing ever. Your photographer will get the most amazing, romantic, and "perfect" moments of your day. But these disposable images will be the candid shots that will make you laugh for a lifetime. It was so fun and unique to see the day from the eyes of our guests and I would tell everyone this tip as my number one recommendation as a bride myself!

3. Frame Your Vows

This is cute if you write your own vows. Have your calligrapher frame them and preserve them as a decor piece. Super cute for your bedroom wall. If you don't want them on display, then an alternative would be to have your calligrapher create really pretty vow books to add to your memory box to reflect back on them year after year.


4. Card Box

This is a 2 for 1 idea. The card box will be a cute display item for your day-of decor details. As a bonus, you can use it as a keepsake box for you and your husband to keep all of your wedding memories in one place. Add your vow books, cards, notes, photo album, and wedding video so that these are easy to reach for every year.

5. Preserve your Wedding Bouquet

There are many options on how to do this. You can have your florals pressed and framed. You can have them dried and displayed in a unique way- like a shadow box. My favorite idea is the pressed frame. I wish I would have done this with my florals looking back! I think Lacie has the best floral preservation style that I have seen, so check her out HERE.

Let me know if you have any other unique or special ways to keepsake your wedding in the comments below! I loveeee hearing all the new ideas.



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