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How to Say No Kids on Your Wedding Invites

Here is the deal. This one will be a quick-hitter today.

Add these or incorporate these sayings into your invitation to respectfully inform your guests that kids are NOT allowed at your wedding:

  1. Adult Only Celebration

  2. Please note that this will be an adult only celebration.

  3. We respectfully request no children under __(age)__ at our reception.

  4. Adult Only Affair

  5. Although we love your little ones, this is an adult only affair.

  6. Unfortunately we are unable to accommodate children, thank you for your understanding.

  7. ___(Number)__ seats have been reserved in your honor.

  8. Due to limited venue space, adults only please.

  9. Kick Back, Relax, No Children

  10. Adult Only Reception

Hope this helps!


P.S. Looking for some help with your invites- I am your gal. Click the photo to the right or HERE to get started working together.

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