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Navigating Wedding Invitation Etiquette: Tips for Perfect Wording

When it comes to wedding invitations, proper wording plays a significant role in conveying the right tone and providing essential information to your guests. While there is room for personalization and creativity, it's essential to adhere to some basic etiquette rules to ensure clarity, respect, and tradition. In this blog post, we'll explore key etiquette guidelines to follow when wording your wedding invitations, helping you strike the perfect balance between formalities and personal style.

1. Host Line: Traditionally, the host(s) of the wedding are mentioned at the beginning of the invitation. Depending on the situation, the host line may include parents, the couple, or both. For example:

  • If the bride's parents are hosting: "Mr. and Mrs. John Smith request the pleasure of your company at the marriage of their daughter..."

  • If the couple is hosting: "Together with their families, Emily Johnson and James Anderson request the honor of your presence..."

2. Couple's Names: List the names of the couple being married, typically the bride's name followed by the groom's name. Use full names or formal versions, and consider the couple's preferences. For example:

  • Traditional: "Emily Johnson and James Anderson"

  • Less Formal: "Emily and James"

3. Date and Time: Clearly state the date and time of the wedding. Be specific, including the day of the week, month, date, and year. Specify the time as either "in the morning," "in the afternoon," or using the exact hour. For example:

  • Formal: "Saturday, the fifteenth of June Two thousand twenty-three at four o'clock in the afternoon"

  • Less Formal: "Saturday, June 15, 2023 at 4:00 PM"

4. Ceremony Venue: Provide the name and location of the ceremony venue. Include the full address, including the city and state. If the reception is at a different location, it should be mentioned separately. For example:

  • Formal: "St. Mary's Church 123 Main Street Anytown, State"

  • Less Formal: "St. Mary's Church Anytown, State"

5. Reception Information: If the reception is held at a different venue, include its name, location, and time. This helps guests plan accordingly. If the reception follows immediately after the ceremony, you can simply state "Reception to follow" or "Dinner and dancing to follow." For example:

  • Formal: "Reception to follow at The Grand Ballroom 456 Elm Street Anytown, State at six o'clock in the evening"

  • Less Formal: "Reception to follow The Grand Ballroom Anytown, State 6:00 PM"

6. RSVP Details: Include a separate response card or provide RSVP information, such as a phone number or email address, for guests to confirm their attendance. Specify a deadline for RSVPs. For example:

  • Formal: "Kindly respond by the twentieth of May M____________________ Accepts with pleasure _____ will attend"

  • Less Formal: "RSVP by May 20th to: Email: Phone: 123-456-7890"

I love using non-traditional, unique ways to word your invitations! You see a lot of the same things used again and again in the wedding industry, and there's nothing like a fresh perspective on things!



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