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Wedding Etiquette 101: Invitation Wording

Updated: Jun 16, 2023

There is so much to think about with your wedding, the stationery is already a lot to add to the list, but zoom in even further and you have to think about the WORDING on your invites?! Ugh, it's just a lot.

Have no fear, a stationery designer can help you hone in on what matters to you, and what is important when it comes to etiquette that you may need to incorporate depending on how formal or informal your event is! Let's go through some basics together.

1. Make Sure All Relevant Information is Noted

I say "relevant," because the information you do include needs to only be what matters. It is important that the information is concise and necessary. A well-informed guest is a happy guest. Ensure that you note the date, time, and location of your ceremony most importantly. It is also important to include the time and location for your reception, especially if it will be at an alternative location. If your reception is at the same location, proper etiquette would be to simply say "Reception to Follow.

2. When to Send Invites

Let's get real. Timing is critical so that your guests can prepare with all of the information at hand. You need to send your wedding invites 8 weeks prior to the date of your wedding if it is NOT international. If it is international, consider sending closer to 12 weeks ahead of time.

3. Don't Miss Putting RSVP Instructions

Once again, this is crucial information for your guests to have. How do they say yes or no?! Is it a website? A reply card? By texting or calling? A QR code that they scan? I have seen it all... and frankly, it doesn't matter which way works best for you is what you should do! However, it is important that those instructions, and their deadline are clear. Otherwise, you will not have any replies in time, your guests will fly by the seat of their pants, and you won't have an accurate guest count for your day. The Knot, Zola, and other wedding websites make this super straight forward to have your guests RSVP online, so just make sure you set that up.

4. Do NOT Expect Your Guests to Do the Leg Work

Proper stationery etiquette has the goal of making everything easy for your guests. Please make sure that you stamp your reply card envelope, if applicable. That way, your guest can throw the RSVP in the mailbox without extra effort. This also goes back to giving them all the info, this just makes things simple for them. It's important.

5. Your Envelope Etiquette

Your envelope addresses need to be clearly addressed to exactly who is invited. You don't want Mr. and Mrs. Smith to wonder if their son Billy is invited or not. Or if they can bring the whole fam. Make it clear and address everyone who is invited. If no kids are allowed, there are ways to say that nicely. See my other blog post with suggestions on THAT topic.

Alright, I think my top 5 are enough to suggest for now. The bottom line is that in today's world, you can be creative, work around old-school etiquette, and frankly do what you want on your stationery! These ideas are just things to keep in mind above that really make things easier on you, AND your wedding guests. They are just nice things to do and consider, and can often get overlooked!

Comment below with other things that come to mind that you may have questions about.

So excited to work with you in the future,


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