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Wedding Planning: How to achieve cohesion?

Let's face it- Everyone dreams of having a cohesive wedding, hoping in 10 years that the memories and keepsake items remain timeless. I am going to keep this simple with 3 pieces of advice to achieve that dream goal. 1- Color Having a consistent color scheme and style on your wedding day is a very simple way to add cohesion. Monochromatic colors, or a color scheme that incorporates different variations of one color, is life saving! However, if incorporating multiple colors is your style, then there are certainly ways to do that too, but being strategic with your choices will take you one step closer to a cohesive wedding!

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2- Details Once you have chosen a color scheme that you absolutely love, adding details that not only match but enhance the existing colors can help pull the whole vibe together. For example, if you chose a neutral color base or even monochromatic colors, adding pops of color around your venue that also match, will help the cohesion flow! 3- Stationery Stationery items, in my opinion, are the most important aspect to a cohesive wedding. Now I may be biased but hear me out; your stationery decisions alone, will guide the theme and vibe of your wedding. That is why it is so important to invest your time and money into a personal stationer who best suits your style. Here at Olympic Place Prints we can plan and sit down together to make not only difficult decisions, but the most fun decisions. Cohesiveness is important to me in my journey with you so together we can tackle it. Written by Caroline Hennessy

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