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Weddings are expensive! What to save and what to spend on?

It is understandable that the total cost of your wedding may be scaring you the most. To help ease the stress, I have outlined a few ways to make your wedding incredible and affordable.

1- Stationery

Spending the money on a personal stationer who fits your style, is totally worth the investment! Wedding stationery items will be the artifacts you keep forever reminding you of your special day, so making them special and timeless is important. Cost can add up, just like anything, but budgeting your money in the right way will allow you to spend a little extra on the things that matter most!

Oceanside California Wedding Venue

2- Venue

Your venue choice is a big decision for your wedding day, and it's worth spending the money to get married at the venue of your dreams. The cost of the venue may also seem overwhelming but there are ways to set a budget and still pick a place that fits yet is still incredibly special. One way I recommend is choosing a venue that is "all-inclusive" meaning they include food, bar, seating, and flatware all as part of your package.

Oceanside California Wedding Styled Editorial Photoshoot

3- Trends

Trends come and go, in the fashion world this adds excitement and change but on your wedding day it can make for some difficult decisions. It’s important to spend money on items and details that will remain timeless. Although fireworks or live doves after you finally kiss your husband seems magical, putting that money into timeless parts of your day will be more effective and allow you to heirloom your day in a more special way.

Written by Caroline Hennessy

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