This is a modern way to preserve your flowers from your special event. Each frame is custom-designed for you- the client! We pride ourselves in a simple, light, crisp design. 


How it works:

1. Fill out the order form below.

2. Checkout and submit payment

3. We will send pre-paid shipping label to you.

4. Print the label in advance of your event day, and prepare your box to be shipped to us.

5. Ship your floral bouquet to us the day after your event. Be sure to remove them from water.

6. Upon receipt, we will press your flowers. This takes 2-3 weeks usually. Sometimes longer, depending on the water content of the florals.

7. We will arrange your florals in a frame and ship them back to you when completed.

8. Hang on your wall as a special memory and enjoy!


Email us if you have any questions!


The quicker your flowers come to us the better your end results will be. 2-3 days at the absolute latest. The best way to ensure that your flowers are taken care of is to make plan for delivering flowers with us ahead of time. 

Framed Floral Preservation