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Natalie and Liam are getting married in Spokane, WA in summer of 2022. The couple met on Gonzaga's campus and plan to tie the knot at St. Al's which is a special place to all students on campus. We opted for a sketch of the church and simple serif text for their save-the-date. I love a vellum overlay with an eyelet and cute ribbon to tie it all together. Since this is a fall wedding, we chose velvet. Natalie's goal was for a whimsical, muted, yet colorful vibe. We hit the mark with the muted pinks, greens, and grays. Plus the classic and crisp black text on white card stock. We added some whimsical elements with custom greenery sketching as well as modern calligraphy, and a chiffon ribbon. The best part is that I also did the details at their wedding for the day-of. So this will all tie in so nicely together! Making this my most cohesive, trusting, and committed wedding client yet :)  

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