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A little bit more about me! Welcome to my calligraphy and stationery studio. Let me first just tell you how happy I am that you are here. I cannot wait to work with you. I am lucky that I have calligraphy as a creative and meditative space, not only to work in, but to touch people's lives in a meaningful way. 

I currently reside in Seattle, Washington, but I love that my work travels all over the United States and beyond. When I am not at my desk creating, you can find me taking an outdoor adventure with my husband Tyler. We love to fly fish, cross-country ski, hike, and take road trips together.

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The meaning behind the name: My  husband and I live in a historic building on a street called Olympic Place. Since I am not originally from the Northwest, I wanted the name to capture my adventurous spirit, a little bit of the PNW vibe, while also noting the importance of home. 

A Midwest girl at heart, I decided to take the leap and move out west in my early twenties. Trying to get my feet under me in a new city was fun, but also scary! Working night shifts at the hospital as a nurse and trying to meet new people left me feeling uninspired (not to mention, wide awake at all hours of the night). So, I began to write and soon discovered that stringing words together on the page was inspiring me. Lyrics, quotes, poems, you name it... it was like meditation! I started to frame them and soon ended up with a wall full of frames in my tiny studio apartment. I loved that I was able to change them alongside my mood and my dreams and I started sharing my inspiration on my personal instagram account just for fun.

Fast-forward three years, stuck at home in the middle of a pandemic, I decided to do this thing for real and I opened Olympic Place Prints for biz.


Wedding Planning?


I specialize in custom wedding invitation suites and day-of details. I am passionate about curating minimal and modern invitations tailored to your style as a couple. I love clean lines and simple design. 

Your stationery choices set the tone and vibe for your wedding day. It is your guest's first impression of your love and celebration after all. At Olympic Place Prints, I will work collaboratively with you from beginning to end. Together we will design a suite with intention and elegance to create invitations that your guests will truly never forget. 

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