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Why Hire a Calligrapher for Your Wedding?

Being a wedding calligrapher myself, this post may seem a bit biased. However, I have heard from many photographers and guests of the weddings I have worked on, that the difference between invitations that are made by a calligrapher vs. home-made ones is huge both in photos and for the vibe of the day! Your wedding stationery and decor will feel more high-end, romantic, and intentional. In short, here are 3 easy reasons why I think hiring a calligrapher is important!

1. Your wedding invitations are special- they deserve to be kept forever!

Your invitations are intended to be heirloom keepsakes. If you do them well and right, you will keep them forever, and be able to show your kids and grandkids as a paper memory of your day. They will match the style and vibe of your photos, and your wedding video too. What a great way to memorialize the best day of your life?! Because of this, calligraphers and stationery designers are very intentional with their design selections. When designing, my goal is to choose the most durable paper, ink that won't smear, and a timeless design to capture your style and vibe... all within your budget of course. This is something that you cannot achieve when working with a large-scale printer.


2. It will save you time and headache.

Let's be real. When you are planning a wedding, there is a lot to do. From decisions on decor, to picking out a dress, to selecting a cake and floral design... whew!!! Surprisingly, stationery can take up a big chunk of TIME and frankly, you don't want to deal with it.

Let's say you decide to use a large scale printer to get your invitations printed and sent to you, but when they arrive, they each need to be addressed and stamped by... you guessed it... YOU. You have to think about postage- how much do you even need? Where do you get vintage stamps from? How do you source material if you want to add a ribbon or twine? How do you organize and account for everyone's address? This all takes TIME. Plus, if you don't know how to do calligraphy, DIY envelopes can really "cheapen" the vibe of the invitation suite as a whole.

When you work with me, we will meet to hone in on what you are looking for in your design, and review your budget. Then I will get to work so that you can select a final design with me- totally custom to you. Once you select, I will begin the printing and detailing process and you will send me your list of names and addresses exactly as you want them written. I will hand address each envelope for your guests, and send them to you when complete. THAT IS IT. It cuts down on a lot of your time, while still giving you custom design control.

3. Hiring a calligrapher makes the process custom to you.


OK this is the best part in my opinion. When I went to design invitations for my own wedding, I found the amount of options out there to be overwhelming. All of these websites have choices, and a million of them. What color scheme do I choose? What if I like that design but I want to remove one aspect of it? Well, guess what?? You can't!

Hiring a professional calligrapher will allow you to customize your design 100%. This will allow you to stay true to your color scheme for your wedding day and your style as a couple.

Amazing!! If you are looking for a calligrapher or stationery designer for your wedding invitation or any of the details, I am your gal! Click HERE to learn more about me and see my wedding portfolio. I cannot wait to work with you.




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